William H. Odell (1909-1979)

William H. Odell (1909-1979), was the oldest son of Caleb H. Odell, and ran J.H. & C.S. Odell from 1944 until his death on August 28, 1979. He served as a Lieutenant in United States Air Force in India during the second World War.

The photo seen here was taken in 1945 prior to a dedicatory recital for a then-new Odell organ in Tenafly, New Jersey.

Pictured at left, from left to right, are: Odell employee George Grathwol, E. Power Biggs, and William H. Odell.

In addition to his work as manager, William served as a voicer and tonal finisher.

Outside work William was a prolific writer and sportsman. His writing included short fiction and he was often commended for his advocacy in local politics. In his youth he coached amateur baseball, and throughout his life was known as an avid tennis player and golfer.

Geroge Grathwol was a lifetime employee of J.H. & C.S. Odell. He started work at the Odell factory on 42nd Street at the age of 16, and work at the Morningside Avenue shop well into his seventies. He was an expert cabinet maker, chest and console builder and organ installer, and was considered Caleb H. Odell's right-hand man.


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